A Minecraft-style sandbox role playing game


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Mythruna is a sandbox role-playing game that uses similar game mechanics as Minecraft to allow its players to interact with their surroundings. That means that they can alter any element of the terrain: breaking it, fixing it, building it, etc.

The game is currently in its very early development stages, so the majority of playable races are not yet actually playable (humans, elves, dwarfs, and more), which means that the game still looks very similar to the famous Minecraft design.

In other words, although there are future plans for more features and complex elements, at the moment you can't do much more in Mythruna than pick up blocks an add them to your inventory. You'll be able to build your own fortresses and much more, but without all of the typical aspects that you would expect from a role playing game.

Mythruna is still a fun experience that should attract any fan of Minecraft. It may have a similar visual style, but it has been created very carefully and includes various original elements.
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